Data Processor agreements for web developers
10/6/21 09:56:26

The GDPR comes into force on Friday – and from then on, many web designers and developers will need a Data Processor agreement in place with their clients.

Chrome to start blocking content after update to H
10/6/21 09:52:36

Google has announced that Chrome will soon start rejecting insecure content loaded on an otherwise secure page. In a blog post on 3rd October titled ‘No More Mixed Messages About HTTPS’ the search giant revealed their plans to tighten up security and provide a clearer experience for users by blocking any content on an HTTPS page that is loaded over an insecure HTTP connection.

How to send HTML emails to one recipient at a time
10/6/21 09:45:55

In my day job we build a lot of HTML emails – and most of the time, these are built to be sent via systems such as MailChimp, DotMailer, CampaignMonitor or similar.

Google Analytics and cookies: can you use IP anony
10/6/21 09:31:41

For every website we produce now a days, we need to think about the cookie message that appears. I know, I know – you see them everywhere and you’ve probably gotten blind to them and just click “OK”. But really, a lot of thought needs to go into how they’re put together.

How do you add video to your website?
10/6/21 09:18:26

Video is big news online and you’ve quite likely wondered how you could display video on your own website. Well, there are 2 main ways.

How healthy is your cloud?
10/6/21 08:21:45

We weren’t paid to watch the demo but there was a virtual wine and cheese tasting afterwards and The Great British Charcuterie put on a pretty special spread! (Did you know you can only claim to make “farmhouse cheddar” if you actually made it in Cheddar, Somerset?!)