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Secure Customer Authentication Rules Delayed for 1
10/6/21 01:12:14

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has announced that the implementation of the Secure Customer Authentication (SCA) rules has been delayed by 18 months. It is reportedly due to the recent opinion published by the European Banking Authority which details concerns regarding the preparedness of businesses.

Twitter stop API access to warn off apps for buyin
10/6/21 01:10:16

One of the biggest issues we see on social media is people faking their engagement by buying followers. Whilst it can be easy to spot when you take a closer look, many brands are paying influencers to promote products, when they might have a large percentage of ‘fake’ followings.

WordPress and AWS Elastic Beanstalk – gettin
10/6/21 01:07:47

We recently had the task of setting up hosting on AWS for a new site we’re building for a client using Wordpress. The client wasn’t expecting the site to receive massive amounts of traffic initially however they planned to run campaigns to send sudden (albeit scheduled) bursts of traffic to the site.

The new normal. 5 ideas for improved user security
10/6/21 01:04:42

There have always been bad guys on the Internet, that’s nothing new. But as more and more people use the web for daily tasks, the amount of personal information out there is growing rapidly.

Everything you need to know about 5G: the next gen
10/6/21 10:38:19

Short for fifth-generation mobile networks, 5G is simply that, the next generation of networks that we use to communicate via calls, texts and browsing the internet (when not connected to Wifi) on our smartphone and tablet devices. The introduction of 5G is set to succeed the previous generation known commonly as 4G.

How to Ensure the Reliability of Your Online Store
10/6/21 10:34:13

Making the decision to set up an online store shouldn’t be taken lightly. While many gurus may be telling you that it’s easy to make a quick fortune in e-commerce, what they fail to inform you is that there is a lot of hard work involved. One of the critical steps to e-commerce success is ensuring you have a reliable, trustworthy online store. Here are five tips to help you achieve just that.

The WordPress 5.0 Update, Bebo
10/6/21 10:30:08

Update: Sources have mentioned that this new update can cause harm to your website, due to incompatibility with some API’s and plugins. Please update with care.

Yoast for WordPress: No space in page titles
10/6/21 10:16:59

Whenever I use the SEO plugin Yoast, I usually end up with the problem that the name of the WordPress site is added to the end of each page title, without a space before it.

Clever copy and paste check from PC World
10/6/21 10:11:17

A clever little tactic on PC World’s website impressed me today whilst shopping for a new monitor.

Data Processor agreements for web developers
10/6/21 09:56:26

The GDPR comes into force on Friday – and from then on, many web designers and developers will need a Data Processor agreement in place with their clients.

Google Analytics and cookies: can you use IP anony
10/6/21 09:31:41

For every website we produce now a days, we need to think about the cookie message that appears. I know, I know – you see them everywhere and you’ve probably gotten blind to them and just click “OK”. But really, a lot of thought needs to go into how they’re put together.

How healthy is your cloud?
10/6/21 08:21:45

We weren’t paid to watch the demo but there was a virtual wine and cheese tasting afterwards and The Great British Charcuterie put on a pretty special spread! (Did you know you can only claim to make “farmhouse cheddar” if you actually made it in Cheddar, Somerset?!)